Friday, September 14, 2012

Peek at the Week - Week of September 10th

Peek at the Week - Week of September 10th

Happy Friday everyone! This week has been very busy and I'll be honest, I'm very excited for this weekend to come. 
Here is my Peek at the Week: 

Port of Los angeles Lobster Festival
This weekend is The Port of Los Angeles Lobster Festival in San Pedro. This is the world's largest Lobster Festival and I really can't wait to be there! 

These are the little snap shots I collected over my trip to Portland this past week, it was an amazing time! I have the St. Johns Bridge in Portland, handsome Todd, the gorgeous front scene of the wedding we attended, the most delightful and oldest tiki bar in Portland - Alibi, and our delicious departure meal at George's Greek Cuisine in Burbank.

One of my favorite things is to bring the wonderful people in my life baked goods, either my own or store bought. This favorite habit has really taken me on quite the bakery tour of Los Angeles. I have a favorite bakery for any and every region in the city that I happen to be in at any given moment of receiving good, baked goods, worthy news. My only problem was that I didn't have one near my apartment. How could that be? Then I thankfully discovered Lark, on Sunset Boulevard in Silverlake. They offer delicious cakes, tarts, cupcakes and vegan goods. I highly recommend the Old Fashioned Ice Box Cake that I may have cheated on my diet sharing it with Todd. It was completely worth it. 

On Saturday night, Poolside (which in my mind is the epitome of L.A. summer sounds) will be playing for free at the Getty. I happen to know that some of the coolest cats in L.A. will be there, I'm talking about a  group of my amazing dear friends. 


The L.A. County Fair kicked off last week and will be running until the end of September. Go grab fair food taken to a whole other dimension- fried frog legs, chocolate dipped bacon and deep fried cookie dough- are some of the few outrageous fair fare I've been hearing about. 

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