Monday, September 24, 2012

L.A. Beer Week

Happy Monday everyone! Need a little help making it through the dreaded first day of the week? Take comfort my friends, for it is L.A. Beer Week, the perfect excuse to drown your 'case of the Mondays' in a case of beer... well, more like a pint for this gal. L.A. beer culture has been gaining unflappable momentum for quite a while now, with around 12 new craft breweries opening up city wide, craft beer may be on the track to becoming a new hallmark of Los Angeles food and wine culture. Even, local Eagle Rock Brewery bottles are now carried at select, Los Angeles area Whole Foods Markets.
I did my fair share of beer tasting this past weekend at the Septemeberfest event (which had a lot of local beer though no affiliation to beer week) where I snapped the above lovely photo and had grand time. It was also so fitting that it's parallel to Beer Week and left me inspired to take pride in the local breweries of Los Angeles. I'm going to make a personal point to drink local this week, learn and explore Los Angeles brews. It's just too incredible that an individual can take a talent, vision, a lot of blood, sweat and tears to create a business, let alone a brewery, and in my neighborhood? It's only fitting to take pride and support are local marvels. Below I have added the L.A. Beer Week link, there our countless events to participate in and below that, is a handy map from You may be surprised at what is in your neighborhood.  -  A very cool Beer Map of the L.A. area.

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