Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Champagne Sangria

I am beyond excited to share this recipe with you today. As a lover of all things sangria, I was hit with a dilemma the other day,  red sangria sounded great, but in this heat, I wanted something a little lighter, more crisp and cooling. Then it hit me, why don’t I meld one of my all time favorite flavors and beverages with sangria!? The results: Champagne Sangria! The outcome has sparked a new love affair with this refreshing summer drink.
I used flavors that I felt would enhance the champagne flavor, not cover it up but after sipping I got a million ideas: Strawberries? Blueberries? Mangoes? What if I used sweet champagne or a Lambrusco? I have all summer to find out, although this is pretty incredible just as is. 

Lavender Infused Champagne Sangria
2 peaches, cubed
2 nectarines, cubed
10 fresh lychee nuts, torn into 1/3 sized chunks
About 3 cups of triple sec
¼ cup of granulated sugar
¼ cups of water
2 lavender sprigs torn in half
A bottle of chilled champagne

Put the fruit in a container (I used a mason jar) and pour in the triple sec to cover fruit completely. Seal and macerate over night. In a small sauce pan over low heat, pour in the water, sugar and lavender. Stir until sugar is dissolved, about three of four minutes. Chill. Remove the large pieces of lavender. Open the fruit container and give it a little smash with a wooden spoon to release some flavors but don't smash all of the pieces. Pour in to your favorite pitcher, add champagne, stir lightly, add simple syrup to taste. Enjoy!   


  1. Wow. This sounds AMAZING!! I love the lychee-lavender combo!

  2. Thank you so much Brittany! I know you would love it! Thanks for reading :)