Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tastes of the Tasting Kitchen

Baby Bird - Lavender Tonic Vodka

Tortelli, Hen, with Hen of the Woods

Lasagnette Bolognese

Gigli Luciana with Squash Blossoms

 Abbot Kinney in VeniceCA is one of my favorite places in the city to go out. Back about five years ago, I would frequent the area much more than I do now, just because of geographical convenience. It had a very bohemian, artsy feel, since then, I feel that Abbot Kinney has had a little shift. My past visit, it had a beachy and still somewhat bohemian feel, but more of a bohemian- living off of daddy’s trust fund feeling. Don’t get me wrong, this is not a negative connotation, Abbot Kinney over the years has changed as everything does. I saw more beautiful people than I do in a night out in Hollywood with more Gucci bags than the expected dreadlocks. My night began with a meal at the Tasting Kitchen, which, interestingly enough, EaterLA did rank as a top ten restaurant with the hottest waiters. All superficiality aside, I came for the food. I have been hearing a lot about the Portland based chef Casey Lane and the rustic chic meals that come out of this kitchen. On a girls' night out, we of course started with cocktails, mine was lavender tonic vodka and was very refreshing. Artisan bread with sea salted butter and olives then made their way to our table. We sampled many of the pasta offerings, for, the pastas are made in house, and oh boy, am I glad that we did. Everything I put in my mouth that night was incredible. Our desserts were the Peach Crostata with marcona almonds and frangipane burbon gelato with thyme and the Bread Pudding with pecans and caramel. My favorite was the Gigli Luciana with Squash Blossoms and the Bread Pudding. I wont lie, we waited until the day before to try for reservations and they were all booked up, but we got there when the doors opened at 5:30, took a place in the common dining area and noshed away. By the time we were done with our meal, the place was packed. I hope to return soon to tackle some more of their delicious menu offerings.

Bread Pudding with Pecan and Caramel

Peach Crostata, Marcona, Frangipane Bourbon Gelato with Thyme 

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