Wednesday, August 15, 2012

L.A. Food and Wine Festival - Asian Night Market

Fluff Ice

Today is day two of sharing my second L.A. Food and Wine Festival experience. Last Friday night, I again, was so very lucky to attend the event as the guest of my dear friend Erica. Not only was day two completely different from day one in terms of cuisine, it was a comprehensive 180 from the previous night. The crowd was much younger and much more casual with a very laid back vibe. The DJ spun dance beats while the crowd mingled, some danced.  I felt much more comfortable to chit chat with complete strangers and had a blast doing so. There definitely were some festival goers that had a glass or so over their vino limit for the evening which was an unseen sight the previous night, but hey, I'm the last one to rain on the tipsy parade. There were a lot of camera crews following people around, probably filming reality T.V. shows, I spotted Patty the Millionaire Matchmaker and Ming Tsai who was not very nice, much to my surprise. The food: it was a night for chefs to give their interpretations of Asian Cuisine which led to quite inventive dishes. My favorite was  Robert Magsalin of Fuku Burger's take on chicken and waffles with an Asian spin, a fluffy delicious sugar donut with sweet glazed Asian chicken and maple glaze, it was very delicious and so creative, I really enjoyed it! The Singapore Sling from David Myers was out of this world! I was pleasantly delighted by the Fluff Ice, (which I wont be surprised if I start seeing this everywhere) the curry from Starry Kitchen and the shredded pork from Yamashiro. All in all, the night was a total blast, the food was again, amazing, every single chef I talked to was kind and friendly (except for Ming Tsai) and the people I met were a complete delight (except for Ming Tsai). 

Jorge Mijangos of Nobu 

David Myers

David Myers Singapore Sling 

Roy Yamaguchi of Roy's 

A terrible picture of Ming Tsai but that's what happens when you aren't nice! 

Ming Tsai 

Gorgeous Fluff Ice 

Thi Tran Starry Kitchen 

Robert Magsalin of Fuku Burger 

Eddie Wong of Mr. Chow

Brock Kleweno of Yamashiro 

Jet Tila of The Charleston 

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