Friday, August 17, 2012

Peek at the Week - Week of August 13th

Peek at the Week of August 13th

Today is my lovely sister's birthday. She is going to loathe that I put a picture of her on my blog, but she looks gorgeous here with her hubby, she's fabulous and I am so excited to celebrate her. Happy Birthday amazing Kirsten, I love you! 

This weekend is going to be a wild one in L.A. (aren't they all?) for it is the 3rd Annual Craft Beer Crawl AND just a couple of miles away, the Sunset Strip Music Festival. 

This week seemed like the epitome of summer, literally the middle of August. For me, that means long, late, wine filled nights chit chatting with dear friends and in this week's case: amazing pizza to boot. This is 800 degrees, which has to be my new favorite pizza go-to. 

Silly story for y'all: this week I went shopping at Target, threw my bags in my car and ran off to a dinner. Hours later, I return to my car and start driving home, when all of the sudden I start hearing a conversation, loud and clear. A million thoughts flash through my mind: weird feedback from the car or my cell? Someone put some kind of device in my car? Even to aliens (I watch way too much Ancient Aliens) or someone is spying on me to perhaps this is it: I've officially started going crazy. Could this be the onset of schizophrenia? It doesn't run in my family and does it really start in full force? Yeah... crazy thoughts of aliens, spies and schizophrenia haunted my whole drive home. I get to my apartment and start unpacking my shopping bags only to find the above walkie talkie at the bottom of my shopping bags. Sigh of relief, I might not be suffering from mental illness or being spied on or scoped out by aliens but this is evidence I am quick to jump to the most illogical conclusions when a mystery is at hand. 

        I have this picture to share, I snapped it on my iphone while stopped at a stop sign in my car. I think it captures the heat in L.A. quite well. 

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