Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Cafeteria Chic - Lemonade Date

Salads! Salads! Salads Galore! 

Last week, I had a wonderful date with my dear friend Erica. I always look forward to my time with her, she is one of the most inspiring, kind and gifted people I know. Our dates are too few, she is a busy entertainment professional always bouncing around the country, though when we do get time, our dates always consist of delicious-good for you food and deep discussions that span in to the wee hours of the night. The other evening,  we took a stroll in her Brentwood neighborhood to Lemonade. The air was balmy,  fresh and heavy with summer aroma, there seemed to be a blanket of calm over the city. I hadn't tried Lemonade and it has honestly been on my list for some time. I'm the biggest sucker for cold salads and sides, which the menu is full of. Lemonade proved to be just the perfect spot for Erica and I, good, wholesome, healthy food, fresh with a casual environment, perfect for our weeknight. I ordered the Orecchiette, asparagus, perlini mozzarella, with sorrel vinaigrette side which was creamy, fresh and delicious with a seasonal, cedar smoked salmon ‘nicoise’, basmati, egg, green bean side, in which the salmon flavor was perfectly balanced with the green bean, not dominating the whole dish. Since my date at Lemonade, I have been obsessed with finding locations near my apartment or on my usual path just so I can pop in for the deliciousness. For a casual, easy, healthy and reasonably priced meal,  I highly recommend that you try it out. My tip if you visit the Brentwood location: eat outside, along the right of the building, you will find a cute, quiet, somewhat secluded alcove for dining.

**Also, since I raved about Erica so much, I thought I should share her latest project with you as well, check it out, it's a documentary on the people of Crossett, Arkansas who have fallen victim to pollution caused by a nearby corporation:


Lemonade can be found:
Manhattan Beach

Gorgeous Desserts! 
Salads up close and personal 

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