Friday, August 3, 2012

Peek at the Week - July 30th

Peek at the Week, July 30: 

Happy Birthday Martha Stewart! It's my idols birthday today!

 L.A. doesn't have much in terms of changing seasons, but there are some things that I always change up with the months regardless of the 75 degree weather: my wines, my clothes, my shoes, and my nail polish. Every summer I look forward to sporting Essie's Fiji. It always gives the illusion that I actually have a tan when I really don't. This week was a hot one, so I ran out and had my toesies painted my favorite summer hue. I have to credit my dear friend, Nicole Broyles- this is her signature color, that we are all going to steal from her! 

Todd and I are hoping to make it to see RED at the Mark Taper Forum on Sunday which runs from August 1- September 9th. I am a huge fan of Rothko's work and I have heard that this play is phenomenal. Here is a link to the MOCA blog with information on discounts and the Rothko work on display at the MOCA. This is extremely exciting! 


This amazing summer neon pink sums up the week perfectly. I love the color, not sure if I would sport it on my car but awesome for whoever is! I saw this car driving on the 10 freeway in L.A. I really should have rolled down my window before taking the picture  :/

This past Sunday kicked off the first Movie Night and Sunday Supper with Bouchon. Bouchon will be serving comfort food favorites with movies shown right next door at the Beverly Canon Gardens.  Todd and I are die hard "picnic-ers" and paired with Bouchon deliciousness and  Casablanca? This is a must do.  Champagne in the park anyone? 
241 N. Canon Dr., b/t Dayton & Clifton Ways, Beverly Hills (310-271-9910).

July 29: Clueless 
August 12: Casablanca
August 26: Mirror Mirror
September 9: TBD

Since Crafted opened up, I have been dying to go. A year around craft market that happens to be the largest in the nation? I feel like it's going to be Etsy, meets real life, which to me = heaven.  I'll definitely blog about this one, I'll be visiting this weekend. 

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