Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Adios, Summer!

My dear blog, I have returned and you were terribly missed. After being horribly sick last week, I crawled out from under my mountain of tissues, pulled myself together and spent the weekend up in Portland for one of the most amazing experiences. Todd had a family wedding and in efforts of keeping his family on the personal side, I will just say that it was such a phenomenal, unforgettable and beautiful experience in which I was so honored to be a part of. As I ride my happy high and adjust back to life, I am thrilled to get back to my blog routine for it is something that I really missed.
As the summer is quickly fading, I find myself in quite the bittersweet dichotomy. I madly love the fall, but if fall didn't exist, I think perhaps, summer would be my new hearts desire. I love summer foods- light, crisp, flavorful and fresh. It's the fall when I start slipping up on my health and steering towards the heartiest of foods, I just so want to be immersed in all things fall, for I love it that much. Then, by the close of fall and the twentieth butternut squash I have eaten, I start to yearn for my summer flavors to be back. As the beach sand grains of summer are slipping through my fingers like an hourglass, I grip on to the last of my favorite summer flavors knowing they will be missed and grow excited for my favorite most exciting time of the year. Today, I have an extremely simple, refreshing and very healthy treat featuring one of my absolute favorite summer fruits: the blueberry. This little blueberry shake does wonders for me while I focus on eating healthy and helps me stay cool during LA's heat waves. We currently are having our last rendezvous together before everything becomes all about pumpkin flavor. 100 calories and your sweet tooth will be satisfied while your waistline shrinks and your body is nourished to your bones.

Purple People Eater "Shake"
1 cup of frozen blueberries
1/2 cup of unsweetened almond milk
1 packet of stevia or more to taste

Dump the blueberries, almond milk and sweetener in a blender, blend until smooth. It really couldn't be easier. Enjoy!

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