Friday, September 21, 2012

Peek at the Week - Week of 17th

Peek at the Week - Week of 17th

This week was incredibly busy with zero time to post, so I've decided that this weekend, my big priority is getting organized for my blog (in between Septemberfest and weekend shenanigans of course).

Say hello to Septemberfest, happening this Saturday in Santa Monica. After my friends and I discovered how amazing beer festivals are, we really don't miss any chances to be at one. 
My beer festival wisdom tips: 
1) Spring the extra $10 to get you VIP access an hour early, before the lines really start to form.
 2) Dress comfy and wear shoes that can be drenched in beer, this will happen. 
3) Don't drink and drive. As I thought at my first beer festival, "there is no way I will be inebriated from the little beer cup the event provides" (about 3 ounces). WRONG. I was so relieved that I still made a safe transportation plan regardless. You will be shocked how fast the beer creeps up on you, be responsible and have plan.
4) Don't forget your sunscreen
5) Eat a little something before you go but know that there will be plenty of food options at the event. 
This event is a drinkeatplay event, which from my experience, are fabulous. 

This week I finally ate at the infamous Park's BBQ, constantly rated on the top of BBQ and Korean BBQ lists in L.A. It was fantastic! I loved the Beef Bulgolgi and Spicy Mul-naengmyeon. It's a must try! 

If you are looking for a good laugh this weekend, hit up Riot L.A. The brightest of Los Angeles' alternative comedians will be out in full force from the 21st  - 23rd.  

This is a photo from the Los Angeles Lobster Festival, I will have a blog post for you soon, the lobster was great but I just can't recommend attending this event. Details to soon come... 

Another one of my favorite, snap shots of L.A. 


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