Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Thinking Outside of the Box

We get a wonderful box, produce delivery every other week of farm fresh, organic, seasonal fruits and vegetables.  It really is a great, affordable service; I encourage anyone who can to find one that will service their area. My many adventures in the kitchen are dictated by what is fresh and seasonal at that time, and for me usually that is what comes in my bimonthly box. I love that it exposes me to different produce I necessarily wouldn’t purchase at the market or feel comfortable cooking and urges me to think outside of the box (literally) and try new things. Plus, I seem to always have something delicious and healthy on hand.

This week's box: gorgeous heirloom tomatoes, juicy Bartlett pears, cauliflower, rubyesque beets, black crunchy grapes, green onions, healthy chard.

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