Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Libation - Not Yo Mama's Apple Juice

Happy Friday everyone! I have a personal rule about the colder seasons, it's always my time to switch to the brown stuff. This happened years ago when I discovered that a whiskey, scotch, cognac and the such can warm the most chilled of bones. With fall as my inspiration, this little libation has been a simple little treat as of late. Nothing fancy by any means but a nice little sweet sip with a great balance between oaky and apple, two great flavors together.

Not Yo Mama's Apple Juice
2 oz (more or less depending on taste, hour and how bad your day was) of your favorite mixing Whiskey (I used Bushmills)
1 oz of all natural apple cider or 100% juice (not the golden colored stuff, the thick brown juice that looks like its fresh direct from an apple) or juice your own!
Ice or Whiskey stones

Fill glass with ice or stones, add your whiskey. I'll admit I always have a pour to "cover the ice" rule but that gets people in to trouble and makes quite a stiff drink. Add your apple cider, taste, modify to your likings. Repeat.


*Note about whiskey stones: I know they don't photograph well, but I used whiskey stones in this drink for the soul purpose of being able to write about it here. I know, I'm a dork, but if you haven't discovered the greatness of whiskey stones, it is about time. They run about $16 - $20 and can be found a BevMo. They are carved out of soapstone so they freeze and chill your favorite whiskey or scotch without watering down the greatness of the flavors.

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