Friday, November 4, 2011

Native Foods

Vegan, AMAZING Chili "Cheese" Fries

Last night I had dinner at the casual Native Foods in Westwood. I eat there quite often due to the fact that it is very close to my office, let alone phenomenal. I always describe it to friends as vegan comfort food and I think that offers a pretty accurate description. For some reason, when I'm eating a burger or chili cheese fries that are vegan, I feel a million more times better about it, though well aware the vegan does not equal low calorie but healthier fats? I'll take that. Ethical eating? Ok, I don't feel bad at all about those chili cheese fries. Native Foods was founded by Chef Tanya Petrovna in 1994. Its all organic, all vegan menu is always a memorable experience for me. The chili cheese fries taste pretty darn close to the "real" deal, sans post-heartburn. The fries are the perfect crispness with delicious seasonings without being overly salty. The beans tasted like delicious hearty chili straight from the home front and the cheese topping, is a wonderful creaminess that has been boggling my mind all day long. The Ranch Run Burger was phenomenal. The buns were nice and grainy while not being dry. The "chicken" inside managed to be super crispy and moist in the center. Delicious!
Chicken Run Ranch Burger

A Serious Addiction of Mine, Lavender Lemonade


  1. I LOVE Native Foods. Love the lavender lemonade and pretty everything I've ever eaten there. :)

  2. Right? It's amazing. All around, amazing.